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April 5 through June 2019

Five of Julia’s steel mesh sculptures and the first public showing of Julia’s abstract painting on exhibit, open by appointment call Doreen 619-964-8230,

Doreen Mellen Ceramic Arts Gallery, 124 N Main Avenue, Fallbrook, CA 92028


“Architectural Treasures in Fallbrook” by Sandra Shrader

The Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook 2019 feature article about the renowned architect’s home that is now the Rasor residence, gallery, and studio

Sea Ranch/New Town Movement, pages 8, 13


“Getting creative at Fallbrook artists’ retreats and workshops” by Sandra Shrader

The Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook 2019 feature article about three artist retreats in Fallbrook including the San Diego Artist Retreat at the Rasor Residence, gallery and studio

San Diego Artist Retreat, page 36


“Fallbrook sculptor and inventor Julia S. Rasor fuses together art, science and entrepreneurship” by Sandra Shrader

The Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook 2016 feature article about Julia S. Rasor

pages 56-59

Julia S. Rasor SCULPTURE CATALOG, showing sculpture in various Series 4-14-16

Click above link to view Julia’s sculpture by series, then click the View button below the picture, while the content is loading (screen is grayed out) click on Add to Cart (this opens the book to view, it does not put it in the cart), click on the arrow to the right of the picture to turn pages


Julia’s Blog FineArtSculpt.com

Artist’s Background

As a medical device inventor and entrepreneur (inventing the tools that physicians use, www.MedicalDevice.com), Julia S. Rasor explores materials and often uses found artifacts in her sculpture that will both, convey topics she is passionate about and preserve time, resulting in a unique, expressive body of work (www.FineArtSculpt.com).

Julia merged her art and science careers – it not uncommon to see her fearlessly experiment with a wide range of media and subjects resulting in sculptures that emanate both dark and light emotion – Yin and the Yang.

Fine Art Sculptor Julia S. Rasor Fallbrook, CA
Sculptor, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Julia S.Rasor

Her sculpture series include world events (The Recession), the afterlife (Spirits), high fashion (Haute Couture, Dancers), and strange departures into the unusual (FractAliens).  Julia founded the San Diego Artist Retreat in Fallbrook, an art immersion experience for artists and collectors, where she holds workshops and studio/gallery tours.

San Diego Artist Retreat, Fallbrook, CA

An Art Immersion Experience

Retreat independent study is available in a spectacular rural mountaintop avocado ranch setting offering panoramic views, sunshine and quiet providing an experience that sparks and fosters personal creativity and reflection and refinement of artistic work. Artists in the a new setting produce art that inspires and excites imaginations and strives for excellence.

Fine Art Sculpture, San Diego Artist Retreat
Julia S. Rasor, Sculptor San Diego Artist Retreat
Winter dawn at San Diego Artist Retreat
Winter dawn at San Diego Artist Retreat

See a video of Julia at work sculpting in her studio, describing her sculpture and art journey, and showing the San Diego Artist Retreat venue.

San Diego Artist Retreat, studio exterior
San Diego Artist Retreat, studio exterior
San Diego Artist Retreat workshop studio
San Diego Artist Retreat studio

Contact Julia at 408-395-3335 to schedule a private artist’s studio and gallery tour or to apply for a retreat program for independent study and studio use.

•       Stay for days or weeks

•       Live with art: original art embellishes the home gallery and grounds

•       Take a tour: learn the history of the property – prior home of architect Alfred Boeke – see sculpture in the garden, the artist’s studio and home gallery art

•       Make art: artists use the studio to work independently or take a workshop (additional) in the large A/C and heated studio.

Rasors Sculptures and San Diego Artist Retreat, Fallbrook, CA, 408-395-3335

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