Student’s Works – Rasor Sculpture Workshop Feb 2016

Julia S. Rasor’s Ceramic Sculpture Workshops

We have just completed my February ceramic figurative sculpture workshop and I am pleased to present some of the student’s and their finished masterpieces.

Rasor ceramic sculpture workshop students
Rasor ceramic workshop students, fine art sculpture

My next ceramic figure workshop is coming late April/early May, information below.

February 2016 Workshop

Student’s Works

Students who completed sculpting and firing their figures, finished their pieces with a patina taught at my San Diego Artist Retreat studio.

Paul Varese, Rasor ceramic workshop, fine art sculpture, student's works
Paul Varese, Rasor ceramic workshop
Gabriele Bitter, Rasor ceramic workshop, fine art sculpture, student's works
Gabriele Bitter, Rasor ceramic workshop

Here are some of the students and their finished sculptures.


Jennifer Diane Hanson, Rasor ceramic workshop, fine art sculpture, student's works
Jennifer Diane Hanson, Rasor ceramic workshop

Very remarkably, for some, this was their first figurative sculpture. Students chose a variety of subjects including torsos, a bust, a full figurative sculpture and and applied a nice variety of patinas.

Diane O'Bannon, Rasor ceramic workshop, fine art sculpture, student's works
Diane O’Bannon, Rasor ceramic workshop

The workshop was held at the Fallbrook School of the Arts, Ceramic Studio, 310 East Alvarado Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028.

Patricia Sablak-Korzec, Rasor ceramic workshop, fine art sculpture, student's works
Patricia Sablak-Korzec, Rasor ceramic workshop

Instructor’s Background

The instructor’s sculpture can be seen at As background, Julia has a number of awards for her works including First Place in Ceramics at the San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, Fine Art Exhibit (4th largest fair in North America) and her life-size sculptures are presently on exhibit at the San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas, the Fallbrook Public Library, and at The Studio Door Gallery in Northpark.

Next Ceramic Figurative Workshop

My next ceramic sculpture workshop at the Fallbrook School of the Arts will be 3 Saturdays late April/early May from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Stay tuned for dates.

If you must miss one of the three classes or if your piece is not finished at the end of the workshop, a make up class is available at the San Diego Artist Retreat, the instructor’s mountaintop avocado ranch studio in Fallbrook, at no additional charge.

This  workshop will cover:

  • Proportion, balance, movement, emotion, surface
  • Technical methods
  • Tool use
  • Sculpture critique
  • Firings included
  • Patina instruction at the instructor’s San Diego Artist Retreat

To register call the school 760-728-6383, the class will be posted soon on their website.

Clay and tools are available in class. Call Julia at 408-395-3335 for questions.

It has been my experience that sculpture produced in the presence of other sculptors is of higher quality and the creative experience is more gratifying. I would love to have you join us!


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