Students’ Works, Wax to Bronze Workshop – Next Workshop Begins Aug 13, 2016

Julia S. Rasor’s Wax to Bronze Workshops

Group and private workshops were completed in June and I am pleased to present some of the students’ works in wax (soon to be bronze masterpieces) in the section below.  Stay tuned for photos of the artists with their final finished bronzes!

My next Wax to Bronze figure workshop begins Saturday August 13 – see information below.  I have prepared a demonstration piece for the class titled Summoning FractAlien – see more photos of this sculpture below.

Fine Art Sculpture, wax to bronze, Summoning FractAlien, Julia S. Rasor, front
Summoning FractAlien, wax, Julia S. Rasor, front

June 2016 Workshop

Students’ Works

Students completed their wax figures taught at my San Diego Artist Retreat studio in De Luz Heights.

Rasor-Wax to Bronze workshop studio
Rasor-Wax to Bronze workshop studio

Very remarkably, for some, this was their first figurative sculpture, for all, their first wax – wax is a more challenging medium than clay.  Students chose a variety of subjects including hanging, active, and static sculptures of various sizes and both genders.

Here are some of my students finished sculptures.

Students' Works, Rasor Workshop-Vesuvio, Diane O'Bannon, 2016, rt
Vesuvio, Diane O’Bannon, 2016, wax


Vesuvio, a muscular runner on a stone base, by Dianne O’Bannon (note wax underfoot temporarily placed to photograph figure on base).

Students' Works, Rasor Workshop-Uplifted, Reba H. Lemmons, 2016, wax
Uplifted, Reba H. Lemmons, 2016, wax







Uplifted, a lady with a textured surface suspended from a found hook base, by Reba H. Lemmons.






Students' Works, Rasor Workshop-Use No.2 FIlm, Wendy M. Johnson, wax, 2016
Use No.2 Film, Wendy M. Johnson, 2016, wax



Use No. 2 Film, the sculptor’s  husband taking a selfie with a cell phone standing on a family Brownie Camera base, by Wendy M. Johnson.





I am very proud of these students’ works and look forward to seeing where they go from here.


Instructor’s Background

More of the instructor’s sculpture can be seen at  As background, Julia has a number of awards for her works including First Place in Ceramics twice at the San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, Fine Art Exhibit (4th largest fair in North America), Honorable Mention at the 5th Annual Fallbrook Art Center Artists Guild Show for her limited edition bronze Chopper Chick (presently at Brandon Gallery), a life-size steel mesh sculpture on exhibit at the San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas, and four curated sculptures for the PHYSIQUE Exhibition at the Sparks Gallery in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego – Opening Reception tonight.


Fine Art Wax to Bronze Workshop

Acquiring the skill to sculpt in wax rather than clay can cut the time and cost to create a bronze sculpture by one third to one half because only one, rather than two molds is required.

Fine Art Sculpture, Summoning FractAlien, Julia S. Rasor, wax, lt
Summoning FractAlien, Julia S. Rasor, wax, lt

Students will make a 6 to 8 inch figure from sculpture wax that will be sent to the foundry to cast a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture.

The base of the sculpture will be made from the artist’s found object(s) resulting in a piece that is very personal and specific to the artist – it preserves a history important to them.

Fine Art Sculpture, Summoning FractAlien, Julia S. Rasor, wax, face rt
Summoning FractAlien, Julia S. Rasor, wax, face rt


Constructing the sculpture in the form of a posed figure captures the artist’s emotion and thoughts and projects them into the piece.  All experience levels are welcome.  Instruction is tailored to individual goals.

Workshop Information

Instructor: Julia S. Rasor, Sculptor

Location: San Diego Artist Retreat, De Luz Heights area of Fallbrook (workshop instructions and retreat directions provided to registered students)


Sculpting: 3 Saturdays August 13, 20, 27, 2016;

Sculpture Pick-up & Critique: 4-6 weeks from August 27 – dependent upon foundry schedule


Sculpting: 9:30am – 2:30pm, sack lunch

Sculpture Pick-up & Critique: 9:30am – 12:00pm

Fine Art Sculpture, Wax to Bronze, Precarious Situation, Julia S. Rasor
Precarious Situation, Julia S. Rasor, wax on found object base

Workshop Total Cost $555, includes:

Instruction, wax, and tools: $355, plus

Foundry materials and labor cost to sprue, coat, fire, cast, clip, weld, grind, sandblast, patina, and mount on base (group discount from foundry for class): $200

Registration: Email Julia at to receive a Registration Form.  Receipt of a completed form and payment check will reserve your place in the workshop.  Workshop Instructions will then be emailed to you.  This will be a fairly small group of students for maximum one-on-one interaction.

Fine Art Sculpture, Finding Balance, Julia S. Rasor, wax
Finding Balance, Julia S. Rasor, wax



Call Julia if you have any questions at 408-395-3335.


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