Sculpture Workshop Taught by an Inventor – Air-Dry Clay with Found Objects – San Diego Artist Retreat

Innovative Sculpture – Taught by an Inventor

In this air-dry clay workshop I will teach students how to generate new ideas for sculpture using my background as an inventor/ scientist/ entrepreneur/ sculptor.  The workshop will begin with a slide show presentation on “How to Invent Things” that I gave in Silicon Valley to diverse group of accomplished women.   Yes, the inventive process can be taught and actually has an equation called “The Innovation Equation” which I have depicted below:

Fine Art Sculpture, The Innovation Equation, Sculpting taught by an Inventor
The Innovation Equation, sculpture innovation taught by an Inventor

The presentation includes examples of the innovative processes I use with both my sculpture and my medical device patents.  Students can analyze what creative process they have used to date to create art, then advance into new territory by learning new ways to innovate.

Air-Dry Clay – Sculpture Example #4 – Use What You Have

In my series of postings for this workshop I have been showing a variety of examples of my sculpture made from air-dry clay.  My 4th example is “Late for the Masquerade” which has objects saved from my San Diego Artist Retreat casita construction (you can book a retreat in this casita online at the San Diego Artist Retreat).  By using these objects both in the figure and as an architectural background,  they were upcycled to produce a one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Fine Art Sculpture, Late for the Masquerade, Julia S. Rasor, air-dry clay
Late for the Masquerade, Julia S. Rasor, air-dry clay, found object incorporation

Workshop Information

Instructor: Julia S. Rasor, Sculptor

Location: San Diego Artist Retreat, De Luz Heights area of Fallbrook (directions provided to registered students)

Dates: 3 days: September 12, 13, 14, 2017

Instruction Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Materials: Materials are provided and tools loaned. Bring found objects to incorporate and to use as a base for your sculpture (optional).

Cost: $250

Registration: Email Julia at to receive a Registration Form.  Receipt of a completed form and payment check will reserve your place in the workshop.  Workshop Instructions will then be emailed to you.  This will be a fairly small group of 7-9 students for maximum one-on-one interaction.  A number of spaces are already taken.  When the workshop is full, you will be placed on a waiting list, notified of any cancellations, and be among the first in line for the next workshop.  Call Julia if you have any questions at 408-395-3335.

Students will incorporate their own found object artifacts into a one-of-a-kind figurative sculpture.  All experience levels are welcome.  Instruction is tailored to individual goals.

San Diego Artist Retreat studio, fine art sculpture
San Diego Artist Retreat air-conditioned studio workshop

Instructor’s Background

As a medical device inventor and entrepreneur (inventing the tools that physicians use,, Julia S. Rasor explores materials and often uses found artifacts in her sculpture that will both, convey topics she is passionate about and preserve time, resulting in a unique, expressive body of work (

Julia merged her art and science careers – it not uncommon to see her fearlessly experiment with a wide range of media and subjects resulting in sculptures that emanate both dark and light emotion – Yin and the Yang.  Her background is published in

The Greater Fallbrook Area Sourcebook 2016 feature: pages 56-59.

Fine Art Sculptor Julia S.Rasor Fallbrook, CA
Sculptor, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Julia S.Rasor

Her sculpture series include world events (The Recession), the afterlife (Spirits), high fashion (Haute Couture, Dancers), and strange departures into the unusual (FractAliens).  Her 12 exhibitions last year included Sparks Gallery, San Diego Botanic Garden, 50 to Watch, and a Solo Exhibit at Fallbrook Library.  This year’s exhibits include Sparks Gallery, San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas City Hall Solo Show, and La Playa Gallery three artist show in La Jolla.  Julia founded the San Diego Artist Retreat in Fallbrook, an art immersion experience, where she holds workshops and studio/gallery tours.  Overnight guests can book a stay in the private casita (Avocado Ranch/Artist Retreat, Private Casita, Pool).


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